Steps to handle conflict related questions in interviews

Conflict management is an integral requirement for managerial positions. Interviews for this designation are bound to have at least one question on you have handled conflicts in the past. Follow these 3 steps to tackle this question: 1. Highlight the conflict like a story: Give title to a specific problem / conflict from your own […]

3 Things recruiters assess during first interview

A recruiter looks for these 3 things during first-round interview: 1. Amicable communication skills – Are you able to articulate answers to various questions in a precise manner? Are you listening keenly? This is to ensure that you are professional with communication and comfortable being yourself. 2. General attitude – Do you genuinely possess a […]

A Standard Interview question post lockdown

“How did you spend your work-time during lockdown?” will be a standard question during job interviews. If you didn’t lose your job, then interviewers will want to know how productive you were working from home in terms of managing efficiency. If you didn’t have a job, then interviewers will want to know how wisely you […]

How to convince a company to hire you?

There is no 100% guaranteed method that will get you the job you want. You can only increases your chances of getting hired. Ensure the following during interviews: 1. Research about the company before-hand. Understand their mission and vision. 2. Research about the designation you are being interviewed for. 3. Carry a notebook and a […]

3 Steps to ace online interviews

Ensuring proper connectivity is winning half the battle. Setup your computer infrastructure 15 minutes before your interview. Check for internet connectivity. Check for blemishes in your camera. Use headphones for listening, and test microphone’s functionality. Follow these steps when interview begins: 1. Inform the interviewer that you have ensured proper connectivity from your side, and […]

Answering strengths & weakness in interviews

This question makes no logical sense. It is usually put forth in fresher interviews. In this regard, the interviewer is trying to get a sense of your attitude, and your overall communication. As stated in our previous posts regarding interviews, remember that honesty is the best policy. Answering your strengths is the easier part. However, […]

How to impress in startup interviews

Expect a very busy work-life in startups. You will either love it, or hate it from Day 1. If you crave high frequency challenges, then startups should be your choice. Startup founders have chaotic schedules, in managing multiple teams. Here are the top 3 things they expect from anybody they hire: · Energy – Can […]

Are personality or cognitive tests effective during interviews?

Barring outlier cases, personality or cognitive tests do serve any purpose. A cognitive test is given to assess a candidate’s analytic thought process. This is helpful in market research professions for qualitative data extraction and analysis. However, this is not a compelling method to choose the best candidates, especially for management roles. Business reality demands […]

How to be Creative during interviews

Creative communication is essential while discussing complex topics during interviews. 3 methods can be adopted: 1. Visualize wherever applicable – use a paper or a white board to connect various scenarios, so that your interviewer can easily comprehend your explanation. 2. Use analogies – People understand things easily, when examples from daily lives are used […]

How to avoid speaking fast during interviews

Speaking fast comes off as insecurity or being desperate for the job. Another downside is that it is hard for your interviewer to comprehend you. Maybe you are nervous or shy, which is understandable, or perhaps speaking fast is your nature. However, it is important that you speak with a calm demeanor in general (not […]