Steps to handle conflict related questions in interviews

Conflict management is an integral requirement for managerial positions.

Interviews for this designation are bound to have at least one question on you have handled conflicts in the past. Follow these 3 steps to tackle this question:

1. Highlight the conflict like a story: Give title to a specific problem / conflict from your own experience (Example – Failed price negotiations with a client). Putting the perspective in a story-telling manner engages interviewer’s full attention.

2. Quantify the conflict / problem wherever applicable: If the conflict in discussion is a failed price negotiation, then what was the magnitude of price difference? Quantifying in terms of price, time, resource engagement, etc. establishes credibility to your conflict management experience.

3. Crux of solution you proposed: A good story that started with a conflict should have a happy ending. What METHODICAL steps did you execute close the deal successfully? Quantify the solution too, wherever applicable

The propensity to handle conflicts is a mark of leadership. People who are empathetic by nature are also masters of conflict management. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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