3 Steps to ace online interviews

Ensuring proper connectivity is winning half the battle.

Setup your computer infrastructure 15 minutes before your interview. Check for internet connectivity. Check for blemishes in your camera. Use headphones for listening, and test microphone’s functionality.

Follow these steps when interview begins:

1. Inform the interviewer that you have ensured proper connectivity from your side, and request if they can hear you clearly. This shows your professional etiquette in high caliber.

2. Do NOT interrupt your interviewer when they are asking questions or making a statement. Wait for full 3 seconds after they have finished and then begin to respond. In case they interrupt you, completely pause to let them have their say, and then continue to speak.

3. Limit your answers to less than 2 minutes. Avoid the tendency to answer in detail. If they want more details, you will be requested to elaborate. In this case, take another 2 minutes or less only.

Remember to isolate yourself in a room, where you will be free from disturbance. Put your phone in silent mode as well.

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