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Here's answers to our most
common questions

Here's answers to our most common questions


Credait is a social empowerment platform for talent sourcing, where people can showcase their subject expertise, super skills, passion and personality traits.

Yes, Credait is short for credentials, dreams and traits

Credait does not require resumes. Candidates need not search or apply for jobs ever again. Instead, they will be pursued by prospective employers.

No more job description writing. No more advertising job descriptions in multiple media. Candidate screening reduced to 1-day instead of 3 to 6 months.

Credait is a unique talent sourcing platform that is beyond job seekers and employers. Credait platform is for:

  • People who want their dream careers realized
  • People looking for career driven & skilled workforce
  • Passionate people looking for others like themselves
  • People who want to empower other people’s dreams
  • People who want to help underprivileged people find work

Describe Credait’s overall uniqueness with an example.

If you want to find someone who’s a subject expert in polymers, from an automotive background, talented in conflict management, fluent in German & Persian, can talk without fear in front of large audience, and scuba dives for a hobby, and available within 2 weeks, then Credait will:
A) Tell you if such a person exists – within minutes
B) Establish contact with that person within 24 hours

Describe Credait’s unique features that empowers employers and job seekers – with an example for each

  • By availability: An IT Director can prioritize candidates who are immediately available to fill critical positions over those not available immediately
  • By personality traits: For a sales position, a recruiter can choose a competitive candidate over others with same credentials
  • By super skills: A CEO can choose a CMO who’s competent in conflict management & public speaking, on top of general qualifications for the position
  • By alternate career preference: A marketer from healthcare industry can express business development interest in auto industry

Your passion is someone’s business priority! Here are some examples:

  • A grandson can empower his grandmother, who’s an expert in Mongolian cuisine
  • A short film maker, can hire a school student who’s an expert in drone flying, for part time work
  • A full time librarian, who’s passionate about bridal make-up, can supplement her income working part time on weekends
  • A local high school, can find a motivational speaker living in their area, to speak with students on first Saturdays
  • Passionate musicians can identify local talent to form a music band

Can Credait onboard illiterate and underprivileged workforce?


How will Credait onboard the illiterate and underprivileged workforce? Describe with examples

There is an ‘Associates’ feature in Credait. This allows any individual with a smart phone, tab or laptop, to on board anybody (associate) in 5 minutes.

  • Example 1: A visitor from Chicago, to a stone sculpting shop in rural India, can on board a talented artist into Credait in 5 minutes – This artist can be pursued by anybody around the world for sculpting related work
  • Example 2: An non-profit organization associated with empowering underprivileged people can add its profile as a company in Credait – It can eventually on board skilled but illiterate workforce who do not have internet/smart phone. A 5 member team from this organization can on board up to 400 skilled workers in 1 day

No. Credait will always remain free for candidate profile registration. Charge is only applicable to those looking to hire or pursue talented / passionate people.

Credait is a unique platform that is beyond employers and job seekers. It only sees uniqueness in individuals. Even an employer can have skill sets or passion that might be pursued by someone else. Life can be a surprise and Credait is an enabler for that.

User Interface Related

A green flag indicates that you can start work for someone within two weeks of getting contacted. Yellow flag indicates you can start work after two or more weeks. Red flag implies that you are not interested in a particular type of career you choose not to get involved with.

An industry is a broad category of business / profession, each of which is a combination of multiple sub industries. For example, Healthcare is an industry, while pharmaceutical sciences, biotechnology, and biomedical sciences are sub industries under healthcare.

Subject expertise refers to your knowledge. You either learn it from a book, or from another person (like a teacher). If you know how a rocket functions, then rocket science is your subject expertise.

Super skills refers to what you can do exceptionally well through your actions and experience. If you can drive like a race car driver, or can speak in front of a large audience very well, then driving and oration are your super skills.

Software or tools enhance your work productivity. In addition to your subject expertise and super skills, software / tools enables efficiency of your work productivity. Examples include power point, excel, photoshop, chainsaw, multimeter, etc.

Career credentials is a summary of your work experience and knowledge up to date. It is a summary of your career life to date. Alternate career preference (ACP) is the section where you can showcase your willingness to venture into a totally new career, provided you feel you have the experience and knowledge in that field. Filling this section will not harm your existing career progress because your prospective recruiters can only view your career credentials or ACP, but not both.

ACP is an empowerment feature, not only giving an opportunity for the candidate to venture into a totally new career, but an empowerment feature for an employer too. Times are changing and old recruitment methods (status quo) is challenged in the millennial world. There could be an employer out there who does not care about a candidate’s past, but chooses to know the candidate’s future preference. The justification here is that when a candidate himself is interested in a new career altogether, then it gives an employer the conviction that the candidate will genuinely perform well, when given the chance. Credait also doesn’t rule out the option for other employers who only want to pursue candidates, based on career credentials (status quo).

Passionate subject refers to having exceptional knowledge in a certain field. Having knowledge about the different lenses on cameras is passionate subject. Using these lenses for varied applications, such as capturing emotions of people (Still Photography) or wildlife (Wildlife photography) is passionate physical activity. Your passionate physical activity / sports is something where you get involved physically.

One’s personality is just as critical as having the right subject expertise and skills for a particular job function. For example, a candidate with a competitive & energetic personality will suit sales position better. A voracious reader & tech savvy person can be a great content writer for a website. An employer may choose the desired set of traits that he / she may deem appropriate for a job role. A candidate exhibiting similar traits along with other credentials will form a good match to the employer’s team.

Recruitment Related

Locating talent in the shortest time and retaining talent

Both are difficult. If a Fortune company calls for a job at any level, there will be huge supply at any given point of time. However, the required skill mapping will be challenge. Having said that, the challenge is more in retaining the attracted talent.

In a nut shell, either companies do not like candidates or candidates do not like companies (for numerous reasons). Or in contemporary jargon- “NOT MY TYPES.”

Find the candidate in Credait by including the trait matrix feature 🙂 Productivity of Humans or deployment of skill and knowledge acquired by a human is put to best use, when environment is conducive to the candidate. For instance, a docile software engineer will be more happy and productive for a docile and less aggressively cultured organization with long history of existence than a startup, which by default demands a candidate to be aggressive. So for both the employer and employee, more than the tangible component like degree, the intangible components, attributing to basic nature of individual- like Docile and complacent- result in success. With increasing tendency to be individualistic, ” Knowing your Types” is the key to HR success. CREDAIT is not discounting the importance of tangible component, but is attempting to redefine the recruitment space by focusing also on the intangible components. This will increase the success rates of recruiting employee of YOUR TYPES, which is the key to create a win-win scenario in the recruitment space.

No its not. In case of creative designer, being creative is a tangible component. CREDAIT will consider other personality traits quoted. For instance, you are looking for a creative designer to work in a team of 50 and his basic job will be to replicate and carry on the work outsourced from a leading creative designer. The right fit for the job will be with creative, team player and friendly, as opposed to a person who is creative, entrepreneurial and tech savvy.

Credait is for EVERYONE who are seeking employment. Credait is for EVERY employer who wants to recruit workers. Credait does not request for resumes, education, designation, years of work experience, or past employers. Following a thorough long term research, a candidate’s subject expertise and talents are the only objective, and primary requirements during recruitment screening. In this perspective, there is no difference between professionals and non-professionals. In other words, Credait does not discriminate a candidate on the basis of education, literacy, and work experience. Example: A doctor professional can register in Credait with subject expertise (SE) as radiological imaging and fine needle aspiration, while a non-professional (but skilled) welder can put his SE as aluminum welding and laser splicing.

True, absolutely. Credait’s mission is to eliminate resumes entirely. In the era of artificial intelligence (AI), the resume – conceived in 1481 – is still the norm for work force recruitment. The inability of expression, owing to illiteracy or lack of good writing skills, has rendered many skilled work force not being represented for their work abilities through any medium. Benefits: When resumes are ruled out, even the process of job application is eliminated. In other words, no skilled worker need to look into news papers or websites to look for a job. Rather, skilled workers will be pursued. Once a worker has registered in Credait in less than 10 minutes, they can be pursued by any employer across the world looking for that worker’s specific skill sets. Added advantage: There are no features for attachments, uploads or pictures in Credait. It is purely a text only system. This makes it load faster even in 2G environment. This is a critical element for on boarding and recruiting in those countries where there are no internet connections.

First, a note on why current tools in recruitment are not qualitative: There is absolutely no tool available for skilled non-professionals (people without resumes). Even among professionals, candidates include most key words from the job description. Therefore, be it human or automated machine screening, filtering the right candidates becomes a cumbersome process. Candidates even resort to cheating the automated systems. The Credait system however, allows only a maximum of 3 entries in each credential field. For example, candidate A can have 10 subject expertise (SE), but Credait will only allow 3 SE’s. The candidate therefore, in his/her best interest, will be compelled to put their most prominent SE’s. Invariably, the opportunity to glorify multiple credentials is eliminated. Credait’s search algorithm is another USP that ensures qualitative match between employers and job seekers.

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Follow these steps to activate 1-day free trial:

  1. Register or log in to your account
  2. Click on “Search Candidates” button on your profile page
  3. In the first field that says “Perform search as” choose “Me” in the drop down menu
  4. Click on “Buy more” or “Buy search tokens” button and you will be directed to payments page
  5. On top of payment page, enter FREE99 as the coupon code and click the “Apply” button
  6. Complete rest of the process that generates a 0 amount invoice and grants your free search token
  7. Go back to “Search Candidates” page and activate your free token by choosing “Me” in the “Perform search as” field. You can now search for candidates

Once activated, the token it will be valid for 24 hours or 10 individual designation searches – whichever is early.