3 Things recruiters assess during first interview

A recruiter looks for these 3 things during first-round interview:

1. Amicable communication skills – Are you able to articulate answers to various questions in a precise manner? Are you listening keenly? This is to ensure that you are professional with communication and comfortable being yourself.

2. General attitude – Do you genuinely possess a positive outlook on everything? This gets assessed when interviewers ask scenario-based questions. This way, recruiters also identify your genuine interest for the position being interviewed.

3. Accountability – Do you appear for in-person interview before scheduled time? Or did you pick up the phone soon for the scheduled time? Are you being prompt in responding to emails or other follow-up items? Such discipline garners highest respect from recruiters.

It is evident that the first round is not about qualifications, degrees or experience entirely. Instead, it has everything to do with overall your personality and attitude.

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