3 Steps to ace group interviews

Group interviews are conducted to test 2 things only – Team chemistry & Communication skills

Not that these are unimportant in a one-to-one interview, however, these are TOP priorities during group interviews.

Here are 3 steps to ace your Read more

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3 Tips to ace telephonic interviews

Do not lose good opportunities by ignoring these 3 simple tips for telephonic interviews:

1. Take the call in a noiseless place – No loud machines or conversations in the background. Nothing is more irritating for an interviewer. Your Read more

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3 Ways to identify a Bad Boss during interview stage

Bosses are either great or useless. You can grow and learn under a great boss. A bad boss is high toll on your mental health.

Note these points in your interviews to identify flawed leadership:

1. What is the Read more

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Do this, to make a lasting impression with interviewers

Making your interviewer introspect towards the end of discussion can influence a strong lasting impression.

So what can you do to make them remember you? Throw a question on the following lines, GENUINELY:

“What is it about your job Read more

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The 2 minutes interview rule

Your response to interviewers should last less than 2 minutes.

Most people get into long elaborations, without knowing that recruiters are pressed for time. Keep your answers crisp. For example, if there are 10 points you could speak about Read more

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7 Interview winning secrets before uttering a single word

These 7 etiquette subconsciously influence your interviewer to form the best first impression on you:

1. Personal hygiene – Clean nails, clean hair (no dandruff), minimum to no jewelry, and no body odor

2. Clothing – A commonly accepted Read more

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Golden “hack” to get comfortable with interviewers

Feeling uncomfortable during the first interview is everyone’s problem, largely stemming from stranger anxiety. This is contagious. If you heart is pumping at 150 beats per minutes in fear, then your interviewer is also uncomfortable.

If you are comfortable, Read more

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