How to convince a company to hire you?

There is no 100% guaranteed method that will get you the job you want.

You can only increases your chances of getting hired. Ensure the following during interviews:

1. Research about the company before-hand. Understand their mission and vision.

2. Research about the designation you are being interviewed for.

3. Carry a notebook and a pen and note down key points made by the interviewer. This makes you focus better and listen keenly. Give answers in the same order the interviewer dictated.

4. Give responses in 2-minutes or less. If interviewers are keen to know more, they will request it.

5. In your response, link your strengths to the key responsibilities demanded by the designation. This shows you are prepared and possess sincere work-ethic.

6. Ask genuine questions about the job role for greater clarity in case you didn’t understand something.

Your attitude, expertise and skills matter most. There is no substitute for your experience, based on continuous learning and impeccable communication skills. The above 6 points, will catalyze your chances of getting hired, in addition to your credentials, as they enable lasting impressions on your interviewers. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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