How to be Creative during interviews

Creative communication is essential while discussing complex topics during interviews.

3 methods can be adopted:

1. Visualize wherever applicable – use a paper or a white board to connect various scenarios, so that your interviewer can easily comprehend your explanation.

2. Use analogies – People understand things easily, when examples from daily lives are used as analogies, in place of technicalities you want to express.

3. Support with case studies – If you are trying to explain benefits of an innovative product or service, people get more attentive when they listen to how others have perceived similar products or service in the market. Case studies empower your capability of assessing merits and demerits objectively.

In the interview stage, it matters how well you impress that particular interviewer, and increase the probability of getting hired. Applying creativity to your communications style is a sure-shot way of cementing interview success. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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