Are personality or cognitive tests effective during interviews?

Barring outlier cases, personality or cognitive tests do serve any purpose.

A cognitive test is given to assess a candidate’s analytic thought process. This is helpful in market research professions for qualitative data extraction and analysis. However, this is not a compelling method to choose the best candidates, especially for management roles. Business reality demands on-the-feet thinking and making tough decisions during critical situations. A cognitive test cannot indicate such qualities.

Personality tests can be ruled out completely. It can be “hacked” by candidates in a manner deemed by the designation. Job descriptions (JD) will anyway give clarity on what personality will best suit its requirement. Even in the absence of a JD, the mere job designation will giveaway what personalities might suit it best.

While personality remains an important metric for experienced recruiters, in equal measure to credentials, personality tests cannot be a credible source to gauge it. Instead, it is best left with empathetic recruiters, to subconsciously determine a candidate’s personality based on discussions. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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