How to impress in startup interviews

Expect a very busy work-life in startups. You will either love it, or hate it from Day 1.

If you crave high frequency challenges, then startups should be your choice. Startup founders have chaotic schedules, in managing multiple teams. Here are the top 3 things they expect from anybody they hire:

· Energy – Can you work energetically all day? Do you consent to thriving in such an environment?

· Multiple tasking – You may be hired for one role, but should take up other responsibilities when required and adapt to learn and apply knowledge outside your expertise

· Attitude to help others consistently – This is a heavy responsibility to bear, beyond your own duties, but essential to win as a team

Startups value characteristic marked by attitude and personality, more than your qualifications. You may be the best developer on the planet, but if you need to be home at 6 pm daily, and are not comfortable managing a social media campaign for a couple of weeks, then startups are not for you.

If you can assure your commitments, based on the 3 points above, greater the chances of you getting accepted. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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