Personality test are NOT effective for hiring

For culture-centric organizations, it is imperative that a prospective candidate’s personality is in sync with existing team and job role. Human personality is not a quantifiable metric. Given its flexibility based on circumstance, candidates can rig personality tests based on “ideal” traits that suit designation because: 1. They have already read the job description2. The […]

Don’t panic – AI is NOT taking your job!

This question – Will AI take our jobs? – stems up for 2 reasons: 1. Too many PR influenced articles by tech companies that control the narrative of how common people view AI. Google for example has over 1000 press mentions on a monthly basis – ( 2. People believe the mass media narrative blindly […]

Why 80% of people are unhappy with their jobs

Rightly matching qualifications and experience do not define happiness at workplace. A sync of people’s innate personalities is imperative. This “sync” is otherwise known as work-chemistry. This is the underlying reason that explains why we are friends with certain people and not others. Work-chemistry among office staff is the underlying component that determines happiness. Where […]

3 Signs of inefficient recruitment

Over expectations and judgments are the root cause of inefficient recruitment. The following 3 points are indicators of bad recruitment practices: 1. Expecting too many competencies from one candidate – Job descriptions have evolved into scripts. In reality, there will be NO candidate who matches every requirement. However, this “no-compromise” attitude, puts organizations in denial […]

3 Signs of a bad manager

3 easy giveaways in spotting bad managers: 1. They lack vision for their team in the short or long term. These are usually the people who get promoted to managerial roles based on long tenure with the company. To them, management is limited to work allocations, and nothing to do with mentoring, team-building or strategizing. […]

The #1 trait of super star recruiters

Empathy is a recruiter’s super power. Super star recruiters are champions of putting themselves in other people’s shoes. They understand other people’s struggles and aspirations beyond career goals. There is a purpose to why successful recruiters do this. Subconsciously, recruiters are trying to find the right sync – team chemistry per se – between the […]

How to ensure employee commitment & loyalty

The phrase “People don’t leave companies, but leave their bad bosses” is incomplete. The real statement should be “People leave companies due to agonies caused by lousy bosses, while incompetent HR administration fails to recognize this problem. ” Many companies DO NOT realize the power of empathy and compassion traits exhibited by middle management. It […]

3 Reasons why hiring has become miserably slow

It takes about 3 – 6 months to fill positions. 3 Reasons why this happens: 1. Screening candidates based on credentials only: When considering only education and experiences, it is hard to distinguish qualitative metrics. Passion, attitude and personality are critical for a cultural sync, but gets ignored. 2. Relying on resumes and job descriptions […]

THIS is the #1 trait of Leadership

Whether C-level or middle management hiring, leadership is the most sought after trait. While specific traits add to leadership’s definition, this is the #1 give-away of a true leader: The genuine intent to prioritize other people’s success. Experienced recruiters have knack for spotting this trait. Once this is identified, other attributes of leadership including mentoring, […]

Younger people managing teams with older people – Is it a good idea?

Barring exceptions, it is NOT a good idea to let younger people manage older workforce. Consider these 2 scenarios: 1. The ideal case – Where a younger person is in charge, however, things sail smoothly. 2. Experience justifies numerous cases of ego clashes, where older people were NOT in agreement with young leadership execution. This […]