Younger people managing teams with older people – Is it a good idea?

Barring exceptions, it is NOT a good idea to let younger people manage older workforce.

Consider these 2 scenarios:

1. The ideal case – Where a younger person is in charge, however, things sail smoothly.

2. Experience justifies numerous cases of ego clashes, where older people were NOT in agreement with young leadership execution. This has gravely affected productivity where people resort to changing teams, or even take extreme measure by resigning.

No HR administrator would allow scenario no. 2 a chance to even occur in the first place. This is an unwritten rule in most organizations – where recruiters hire older people (relative to their team) in management roles. We have discussed this issue with over 1000 staff representing HR to justify this claim.

There are 2 exceptions where no issues are usually reported when younger leadership is in position:

1. Designations requiring high technical knowledge, where person with the most qualified degree (PhD with research experience) is given leadership role.

2. Companies where founders are younger than people they hire. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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