How to ensure employee commitment & loyalty

The phrase “People don’t leave companies, but leave their bad bosses” is incomplete.

The real statement should be “People leave companies due to agonies caused by lousy bosses, while incompetent HR administration fails to recognize this problem.

” Many companies DO NOT realize the power of empathy and compassion traits exhibited by middle management. It is wiser to make these people as managers instead of specific expertise and long tenure. Empathetic people are not self-serving and prioritize team’s welfare. This is why when good managers leave (mostly because he/she had a lousy boss above them), some team members also quit to join them. Every HR manager would have DEFINITELY observed such developments.

Then why are HR administrations NOT enforcing this change?

Instead making this fix, overwhelming meetings are arranged to discuss strategy for attrition, and hordes of money is spent for advertising jobs and engaging staffing firms.

Unless HR administrations enforce reverse feedback systems for managers, and have strict policies against self-serving bosses, employee loyalty and commitment will never happen. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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