3 Signs of a bad manager

3 easy giveaways in spotting bad managers:

1. They lack vision for their team in the short or long term. These are usually the people who get promoted to managerial roles based on long tenure with the company. To them, management is limited to work allocations, and nothing to do with mentoring, team-building or strategizing.

2. They are painfully indecisive. In other words, they procrastinate every single decision that is expected out of them. This stems off their incompetence to coordinate teams in meeting objectives.

3. Their self-serving attitude stems of their insecurity in recognizing other people’s talent. But they are the first to point out mistakes in others. This is an indication of lacking empathy.

Organizations should strictly enforce a reverse feedback system, to ensure that people exhibiting any one of the traits above, are revoked of their managerial designations. When it comes to management, empathetic people are the most successful.

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