The #1 trait of super star recruiters

Empathy is a recruiter’s super power.

Super star recruiters are champions of putting themselves in other people’s shoes. They understand other people’s struggles and aspirations beyond career goals. There is a purpose to why successful recruiters do this.

Subconsciously, recruiters are trying to find the right sync – team chemistry per se – between the candidate and the group they will join. A team that syncs well, will invariably learn together and perform well. This implies that recruiters prioritize passion and personality in equal measure to credentials demanded by designations. They know that even the best of credentials won’t help if team sync is missing.

Super star recruiters have objective assessment on each team’s unique culture. This implies that they have established amicable relationships with team managers. They know instinctively that team members adopt work styles and ethics of their managers, so it is important to bring in right candidates who will sync well with specific teams. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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