3 Signs of inefficient recruitment

Over expectations and judgments are the root cause of inefficient recruitment.

The following 3 points are indicators of bad recruitment practices:

1. Expecting too many competencies from one candidate – Job descriptions have evolved into scripts. In reality, there will be NO candidate who matches every requirement. However, this “no-compromise” attitude, puts organizations in denial mode and continue playing the waiting game.

2. Expecting ideal answers to subjective interview question – Questions pertaining to management styles, challenges, strengths, weaknesses etc., do not have ideal right or wrong answers. However, candidates are expected to provide ideal answers that is already “pre-conceived” in recruiter’s mind. This is a grave mistake that prolongs talent-hunt endlessly.

3. Ignoring candidates judgmentally without giving them a benefit of the doubt – Many recruiters ignore candidates who are job hoppers or have a career gap. This short-sightedness of some recruiters has blatantly prevented many talented candidates, who could have started work immediately, and contributed to productivity.

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