3 Reasons why hiring has become miserably slow

It takes about 3 – 6 months to fill positions.

3 Reasons why this happens:

1. Screening candidates based on credentials only: When considering only education and experiences, it is hard to distinguish qualitative metrics. Passion, attitude and personality are critical for a cultural sync, but gets ignored.

2. Relying on resumes and job descriptions (JD): Resumes could be lied upon or exaggerated. Qualitative metrics – like attitude and personality – are not evident in it. The JDs are exaggerated too, when in reality, companies admit these are over-detailed.

3. Obsession for the perfect candidate: No candidate will meet ALL requirements from JDs. Yet, these positions are advertised for long, and companies even hire external staffing firms, with little luck in reducing time-to-hire.

If recruiters want expedite hiring, it is imperative to speak with the candidates directly, rather than relying on software applications that shortlist candidates. This way, qualitative metrics (passion, attitude, and personality) are assessed with a human touch, while ensuring minimal credential match.

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