Personality test are NOT effective for hiring

For culture-centric organizations, it is imperative that a prospective candidate’s personality is in sync with existing team and job role.

Human personality is not a quantifiable metric. Given its flexibility based on circumstance, candidates can rig personality tests based on “ideal” traits that suit designation because:

1. They have already read the job description
2. The recruiter has further briefed them about the role

This is analogous to an “open” book test that fails in assessment of candidate’s REAL traits. Ideally, companies must know a candidate’s true personality, before the latter has read job descriptions. Some do this by engaging a third-party to pursue candidates from an aggregator platform, and request them to take a personality test, while disclosing little information about job role.

However, smaller hints can still influence candidates to rig the test subconsciously, in manner “idealistic” to the job role. This is why there is no substitute for a highly experienced recruiter, because they ask scenario based questions, which help them gauge the right personality fit for the job role. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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