Don’t panic – AI is NOT taking your job!

This question – Will AI take our jobs? – stems up for 2 reasons:

1. Too many PR influenced articles by tech companies that control the narrative of how common people view AI. Google for example has over 1000 press mentions on a monthly basis – (

2. People believe the mass media narrative blindly without analysis

AI has numerous capabilities, but it also has 2 fundamental limitations as noted here:

Although the above article talks about how AI can’t replace recruiters, the 2 fundamental limitations of AI is applicable to everyone’s career.

AI is an ENABLER of decision making and NOT a substitute for human-made decisions. Here is distinction of human vs. AI capabilities:

· AI can synthesize information faster based on data, but humans create new content
· AI masters repetitive tasks of the past, but humans innovate into the future
· AI can cut costs, but humans create new jobs

The future needs both AI and human intervention for humanity’s progress. Any fear mongering, is just a baseless media influence that lacks conviction. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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