6 Credentials that ALL recruiters subconsciously look for…

A recruiters spends no more than 30 seconds in reviewing your profile. These are the 6 things they look for subconsciously: 1. Industry2. Sub-Industry3. Subject Expertise4. Skills5. Tools/Software proficiency6. Language It is imperative that job seekers clearly specify these 6 items in order for their profiles to get shortlisted. Problem is, many job seekers do […]

3 Signs of inefficient recruitment

Over expectations and judgments are the root cause of inefficient recruitment. The following 3 points are indicators of bad recruitment practices: 1. Expecting too many competencies from one candidate – Job descriptions have evolved into scripts. In reality, there will be NO candidate who matches every requirement. However, this “no-compromise” attitude, puts organizations in denial […]

Recruiters, stop asking for years of experience

More years of experience is NOT a reflection of quality talent. Example: An agile project manager (PM) who has delivered 700 projects in 3 years would have better expertise than another PM who handled 400 projects in 10 years. Unfortunately, recruiters analyze quality talent based on higher years of experience. In the application process, they […]

The Truth about employee background verification

Who demands it and does it really happen in large volumes? The need for employee background check (BGC) has been widely publicized in the last couple of decades. This has been an important topic of discussion for major HR (Human resources) administrators across enterprises to small companies. BGC is one area where it is impossible […]

Do higher pay scales attract quality talent?

The short answer is NO. Disclosing your capacity to pay higher salaries can compromise efficiency of hiring process because: · There will be overwhelming applications · Qualifications and experience can be exaggerated (see our previous posts for justifications) · Screening and hiring process will take longer than necessary · Mere application judgements do not translate […]

Deep pockets do not guarantee quality recruitment

Budgets allocated for quality talent sourcing across companies is highly polarized. Few companies with deep pockets splurge their cash, while the rest operate with little to no budget. The correlation that high budgets improves probability of quality recruitment is wrong. Quality recruitments happens due to harmony between 3 components: 1. Leadership prioritizing long-term vision 2. […]

How HR experience level is determined

HR experience levels varies depending on the size of the organization. It is flexible because the VALUES people bring in specific domains is prioritized. Prominent HR domains include: · Administration · Talent management · Recruitment In most cases, the hierarchy of progress is: Recruitment → Talent management → Administration Each domain can range between 2 […]

Job hopping is NOT a crime!

Many recruiters associate jobs hopping candidates with distrust and unreliability. Many genuine candidates who could have been highly talented and resourceful, get ignored without being given a chance to explain themselves. The age old adage, “Never judge a book by its cover” is applicable here. Why only job hopping candidates are assumed to be at […]

Evolution of HR in the next decade

HR will be the MOST influential department in an organization over the next decade. However, there is a catch! Either HR will completely empower a performance-oriented culture or they will be insignificant to the organization. There will be NO middle ground. This is because HR will evolve from an operational workforce, to a strategic & […]

Why bad bosses micro-manage

A micromanager is utterly incompetent – be it their expertise or communication. A good boss does not micromanage. So why do bad bosses micromanage? It is usually one of the following reasons: 1. Taking credit for other people’s work – They want to know nitty-gritty details of work progress and showcase it as their leadership […]