Why bad bosses micro-manage

A micromanager is utterly incompetent – be it their expertise or communication.

A good boss does not micromanage. So why do bad bosses micromanage? It is usually one of the following reasons:

1. Taking credit for other people’s work – They want to know nitty-gritty details of work progress and showcase it as their leadership efforts to people above them.

2. Authority based self-importance – They purposely do not allow other people’s creative approach for solutions. They dictate how works gets done. The advantages are two-fold with this approach: They can claim their team is incompetent, and how their intervention is critical for progress. This stems of their self-serving attitude.

3. Lack of trust – This is the fundamental trait of most micromanagers. They are skeptical of everything. This, combined with fear that others may cause their downfall, makes them annoyingly indulgent in all activities, much to the agony of their team.

Micromanagers are insecurity personified. Problem is, such bad bosses are masters of playing the blame-game. Their consistent intervention on every work process allows them to negatively interpret any work executed.

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