6 Credentials that ALL recruiters subconsciously look for…

A recruiters spends no more than 30 seconds in reviewing your profile.

These are the 6 things they look for subconsciously:

1. Industry
2. Sub-Industry
3. Subject Expertise
4. Skills
5. Tools/Software proficiency
6. Language

It is imperative that job seekers clearly specify these 6 items in order for their profiles to get shortlisted. Problem is, many job seekers do not understand the distinction between these credentials. Let us consider the information automotive industry as an example.

Industry – Automotive
Sub Industry – Manufacturing, supply chain, recruitment, dealership & sales, journalism, etc.
Subject expertise – Mechanical engineering, thermodynamics, hydraulic systems, etc. (It is something that you learn out of a book and apply it, hence – “subject” expertise)
Skills – Data analysis, decision making, conflict management, market research, story-telling, public speaking, sales, etc. (Skills are what you are innately good at)
Tools – CAD, MS Office, etc.
Language – Depending on geography, being multilingual may be critical

By disclosing your credentials clearly, you are increasing chances for interviewing opportunities.

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