Deep pockets do not guarantee quality recruitment

Budgets allocated for quality talent sourcing across companies is highly polarized.

Few companies with deep pockets splurge their cash, while the rest operate with little to no budget. The correlation that high budgets improves probability of quality recruitment is wrong.

Quality recruitments happens due to harmony between 3 components:

1. Leadership prioritizing long-term vision
2. Culture-centric policies
3. Empathetic recruiters

This can be compared with the significance of a driver, petrol and car. For travel, all three are important. Even if one component is missing, then the other two are useless. It is the same case with leadership, culture and people-centric recruiters. Think of this as a 3-way triangle scale, always striving to balance.

Here is the secret no one talks about: When these 3 components are in harmony, whoever gets hired invariably becomes a qualitative candidate. In other words, even average candidates become star performers in such organizations.

In our successive posts, we will elaborate the significance of each component on quality hiring. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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