Recruiters, stop asking for years of experience

More years of experience is NOT a reflection of quality talent.

Example: An agile project manager (PM) who has delivered 700 projects in 3 years would have better expertise than another PM who handled 400 projects in 10 years.

Unfortunately, recruiters analyze quality talent based on higher years of experience. In the application process, they ask for specific years of experience skill-wise. It is imperative that recruiters ask performance centric questions. In other words, there is no substitute for direct candidate-interviewer interaction.

This humanizing element cannot be replaced by technology because even one quality centric question, from the interviewer, will help analyze multitude inferences in a manner that every successive question will be unique to different candidates. In the end, the cultural sync of a prospective candidate to existing teams is more important than qualifications.

Talented recruiters hardly care about specific years of experience. With an empathetic approach, they determine strengths of candidates in a manner that it best fits existing culture and performance expectations. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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