How HR experience level is determined

HR experience levels varies depending on the size of the organization.

It is flexible because the VALUES people bring in specific domains is prioritized. Prominent HR domains include:

· Administration
· Talent management
· Recruitment

In most cases, the hierarchy of progress is:

Recruitment → Talent management → Administration

Each domain can range between 2 – 5 years, given the size of the organization. Speaking of values, consider the following cases:

· A talent management position, with focus on communication training with 8 years of experience, will consider a journalist with even 3 years of experience or master’s degree holder in English literature with minimum 2 years of experience.

· A management consultant with 10 year experience will be honorably considered for a CHRO position (administration), even if the requirement is minimum 15 years of experience.

Specific years of experience may be mandatory for specialized designations – such as PhD in biochemistry for a scientist position in a pharma company – but in most cases, there is some flexibility for designations, and given that HR is people-centric space, even more flexibility is exercised. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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