Culture – An underrated superpower

Most successful non-profit organizations have volunteers working for them. How do they manage to remain successful? The secret is that volunteers pursue their passion and monetary compensation is insignificant. Combine this with people of like-minded personalities and you have the right chemistry for work efficiency. Passion & team chemistry are qualitative metrics, but have the […]

6 Credentials that ALL recruiters subconsciously look for…

A recruiters spends no more than 30 seconds in reviewing your profile. These are the 6 things they look for subconsciously: 1. Industry2. Sub-Industry3. Subject Expertise4. Skills5. Tools/Software proficiency6. Language It is imperative that job seekers clearly specify these 6 items in order for their profiles to get shortlisted. Problem is, many job seekers do […]

Skills-on-demand is the future of Jobs

Given the pandemic situation this year, the job losses have been steep across the world. In India, the situation is dire. We do not have an official statistics of the number of people who lost jobs. Of the 130 crore population, about 85 crore people are in the work force, and the shocking statistics is […]

Skills-on-demand is the future of career

With rising automation in manufacturing space, career growth lies in services sector only. Jobs instability was a major repercussion of this pandemic, with many businesses insecure of hiring full-time staff. A career revolution is imminent. We are transitioning from full-time engagements with one company (or client) to skills-on-demand in multiple engagements. This skill-on-demand model is […]

Contract Career = Future of jobs

HR will be the MOST influential department in an organization over the next decade. However, there is a catch! Either HR will completely empower a performance-oriented culture or they will be insignificant to the organization. There will be NO middle ground. This is because HR will evolve from an operational workforce, to a strategic & […]

Why job security is an overrated thought

Feeling secured in a full-time position in as an illusion. About 80% of the human workforce are engaged in self-employment, part-time, trade or contract based work. The remaining 20% are salaried employees doing full-time work. Given the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, repetitive work will be replaced by machines. We are already witnessing […]

No more visas – We are evolving into a global workforce

Except for travel & vacation purposes, all forms of employment visas in will become obsolete. True Story: An American company – aggregating accountants across the globe – had called us with a valuable proposition: We need not hire in-house CFO, and for about one-tenth (10%) of the cost, we can engage CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) […]

3 Certainties of your future jobs

These job trends have already started, and the next decade will witness a complete transition: 1. No more full-time jobs: With automation supplementing or replacing repetitive work that humans do, there will be no need for companies to hire full-time. The workforce will engage their time in monthly, weekly or hourly slots to multiple employers […]

How do we empower the skilled but underprivileged Indian workforce?

About 80% of Indian blue-collar workforce, represented by 700+ million people, do part-time jobs owing to seasonal and contract work. It is critical that they get identified for work-on-demand. Despite the increasing smartphones and internet penetrations, the underprivileged workforce are handicapped for 2 main reasons: 1. They may be illiterate and cannot be expected to […]