Culture – An underrated superpower

Most successful non-profit organizations have volunteers working for them. How do they manage to remain successful?

The secret is that volunteers pursue their passion and monetary compensation is insignificant. Combine this with people of like-minded personalities and you have the right chemistry for work efficiency. Passion & team chemistry are qualitative metrics, but have the most impact on organizational success.

The combination of passion & personalities constitutes culture, and non-profit organizations pioneered this process to full advantage.

Why haven’t most corporates and small to medium enterprises (SME) leveraged this? A culture-centric work place is truly an underrated superpower, because in such an environment, salaries become a bonus because the real contributor to enhanced productivity is employee happiness. Sadly, very few companies have embraced this, while others are caught in rat-race of prioritizing qualifications, degrees, and specific years of experience – while completely ignoring passion & personality metrics.

Moving forward, successful companies will be those who keep their employees happy. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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