Why job security is an overrated thought

Feeling secured in a full-time position in as an illusion.

About 80% of the human workforce are engaged in self-employment, part-time, trade or contract based work. The remaining 20% are salaried employees doing full-time work.

Given the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, repetitive work will be replaced by machines. We are already witnessing people and machines working in tandem, and the entire herd doing “full-time work” with one company will become obsolete eventually. We will transition into full-time engagements, where our skills & expertise will serve multiple companies / projects. This trend has already begun and will encompass all careers.

It is better to get subconsciously fixated with this mindset, because there will be no more job securities, and the perks associated with it like retirement benefits and health insurance will also cease to exist.

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