3 Certainties of your future jobs

These job trends have already started, and the next decade will witness a complete transition:

1. No more full-time jobs: With automation supplementing or replacing repetitive work that humans do, there will be no need for companies to hire full-time. The workforce will engage their time in monthly, weekly or hourly slots to multiple employers

2. No more job security: When full-time jobs are ruled out, the commitment for companies to cover health insurance, retirement plan and honor labor laws is also ruled out. It becomes every person’s responsibility to showcase their skills in a manner that will keep them in demand

3. Continuous Re-learning: For reasons 1 & 2 above, it is imperative that people consistently update themselves with evolving knowledge – specifically those that make existing technology and protocols obsolete. Re-learning implies that you first unlearn the knowledge you have applied in the past

There is no need to fear about losing jobs to machines. History is testimony for new jobs creation whenever technological innovations influenced changes on scale. In fact, when humans stop doing repetitive work, our creativity will start to blossom.

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