Contract Career = Future of jobs

HR will be the MOST influential department in an organization over the next decade.

However, there is a catch! Either HR will completely empower a performance-oriented culture or they will be insignificant to the organization. There will be NO middle ground. This is because HR will evolve from an operational workforce, to a strategic & leadership based department.

Many repetitive work will get automated and/or have AI applications running to churn out faster and accurate analysis. However, note this fundamental fact when it comes to HR hiring and management:

The success of an organization’s workforce is NOT entirely dependent on a candidate’s experience and qualification alone. Passion, attitude and personality are also taken into account. Intuitive and people-centric recruiters know that right chemistries are important in a team environment for best performance. This is something no AI can come close to achieving. There is NO substitute for human touch.

Every organization will want to emulate successful recruitment by bringing in a culture-centric workforce. Very few organizations have adopted this culture-based hiring. Like any trend, this wave will reach its peak over the next decade. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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