No more visas – We are evolving into a global workforce

Except for travel & vacation purposes, all forms of employment visas in will become obsolete.

True Story: An American company – aggregating accountants across the globe – had called us with a valuable proposition: We need not hire in-house CFO, and for about one-tenth (10%) of the cost, we can engage CFOs (Chief Financial Officers) representing any industry across India, for weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly engagement. We also had the freedom of inter-changing CFO’s across the globe for every engagement, for holistic analysis. They had research to claim that many organizations do not need full-time CFOs.

Another American company – aggregating human resource (HR) services – proposed streamlining the talent management process, including some components of administrative paper-work. They had supposedly aggregated HR staff with time-tested best practices to streamline such services. Whether we are in India or expanding to international markets, we could permanently engage resources across the globe, without any disruption of services.

This can be termed as TaaS Model (Talent as a service) and it will eventually become mainstream. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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