How do we empower the skilled but underprivileged Indian workforce?

About 80% of Indian blue-collar workforce, represented by 700+ million people, do part-time jobs owing to seasonal and contract work. It is critical that they get identified for work-on-demand. Despite the increasing smartphones and internet penetrations, the underprivileged workforce are handicapped for 2 main reasons:

1. They may be illiterate and cannot be expected to use technology for job search

2. Even if they are literate, they cannot be expected to write resumes, or afford smartphone and apply through internet

Their work engagements are driven by local demand, even in urban environments. Even in the long run, considering a 38% illiteracy rate in India, a majority of the 700+ million underprivileged workforce will struggle to find jobs.

The Solution: Credait’s “Add Associate” feature will enable active smartphone users and NGO’s to add underprivileged workforce as an associate in under 5 minutes. The name, mobile number and the top 3 specific skills of underprivileged people can be recorded, so that they will be directly contacted from demand side across India. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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