Do this, to make a lasting impression with interviewers

Making your interviewer introspect towards the end of discussion can influence a strong lasting impression.

So what can you do to make them remember you? Throw a question on the following lines, GENUINELY:

“What is it about your job role, that compels you push harder, everyday? What was your invaluable learning that this company bestowed upon you?”

There are different ways you can ask this question, but essentially you put them in a position to answer positively, in two areas: First, you want to know their competencies, and second, you are gauging their impression of the company they are working for. The former makes the interviewer remember you, because you put focus on them and their learning, and when it is GENUINE, you are respected for asking it. Remember, the key word is GENUINE.

Another bonus is that you will get valuable information on how employees view their company. The interviewer knows this, and gives them the impression that you are keen on understanding company-culture with a holistic view, and not just your job role. – No more resumes, no more job search.
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