7 Interview winning secrets before uttering a single word

These 7 etiquette subconsciously influence your interviewer to form the best first impression on you:

1. Personal hygiene – Clean nails, clean hair (no dandruff), minimum to no jewelry, and no body odor

2. Clothing – A commonly accepted professional attire is enough, but ensure that it is clean and neatly pressed. It’s alright if you don’t have a suit

3. Footwear: For men – No sneakers. Professional shoes must be polished and NO white sox. For women – avoid decorative shoes or sandals

4. Body Language – while waiting to be called, do not slouch or shake your legs. Sit with your back strait and it’s alright to read a book or check your phone

5. Notepad & pen – Always carry these to note important information on successive interview info and follow-up items

6. Smile – ALWAYS smile when you meet your interviewer followed by a confident handshake 7. Well spoken – When you greet them, NEVER rush with your voice. Speak with a calm

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