3 Tips to ace telephonic interviews

Do not lose good opportunities by ignoring these 3 simple tips for telephonic interviews:

1. Take the call in a noiseless place – No loud machines or conversations in the background. Nothing is more irritating for an interviewer. Your candidacy can take a negative impression for no fault of yours.

2. Take notes of key discussion points – This can be a life-saver especially if your interviewer tends to speak swiftly. It will be helpful to remind yourself of the key points significant for your response – especially in the event of a case study or technical questions. Another advantage to taking notes is having absolute clarity of the discussion. This is bound to impress your interviewers.

3. Restrict responses to 2 minutes – Long answers are a red flag in general – whether in-person or during phone interviews. Consciously restrict your answers to less than 2 minutes and speak with a calm demeanor. Speaking calmly translates as confidence in the interviewer’s perspective.

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