3 Steps to ace group interviews

Group interviews are conducted to test 2 things only – Team chemistry & Communication skills

Not that these are unimportant in a one-to-one interview, however, these are TOP priorities during group interviews.

Here are 3 steps to ace your group interviews:

1. Listen keenly – In a group setting, more than one person may speak, so carry a notebook and a pen. Taking notes will enable keen listening. This will help you address every important point your interviewers make, and you will already be seen as a winner.

2. Give eye-contact to the person talking to you – This does not imply you keep staring them. It is alright to look at the person speaking to you and looking down intermittently for taking notes. The important thing is not to look at someone else.

3. 70/30 eye-contact rule while responding / presenting – When you are replying, give 70% eye-contact to the person who raised a question, and 30% eye-contact to the rest of the crowd. As you speak or present, consciously alternate the 70/30 rule among everyone. This shows you are considerate of everyone in the group, while prioritizing the person who asked the question.

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