3 Ways to identify a Bad Boss during interview stage

Bosses are either great or useless. You can grow and learn under a great boss. A bad boss is high toll on your mental health.

Note these points in your interviews to identify flawed leadership:

1. What is the long term vision for your team? – The key word is “team.” Talking about the company’s vision is a red flag. A self-centered boss is never specific. A good boss will speak of unique objectives, both in short and long terms. They are selfless and talk about key players in the team.

2. What were the toughest challenges in the recent past for your team? – Key words here are “recent” and “team.” There can’t be team efficiency without challenges. A good boss will disclose problems with examples, and speak of issues everyone faced. Bad bosses are selfish and do not speak of team’s contribution.

3. Observe their attitude in general – Do they ask you clichéd questions? This shows lack in originality or interest in your on-boarding. Do they talk in highly technical details only to appear smarter than you? Are they self-praising a lot? These are indicators of bad leadership.

Always prioritize your boss more than your salary benefits and company reputation. It will make sense in retrospect.

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