Golden “hack” to get comfortable with interviewers

Feeling uncomfortable during the first interview is everyone’s problem, largely stemming from stranger anxiety. This is contagious. If you heart is pumping at 150 beats per minutes in fear, then your interviewer is also uncomfortable.

If you are comfortable, from the moment of shaking hands, then you can guarantee an engaging discussion with the interviewer until the end.

The Hack: Consciously imagine the interviewer as your best friend’s mom or dad.

This is no joke! The key is to get comfortable. You could imagine the interviewer as your best friend, but we are way too casual with our friends. But if you imagine them as your best friend’s parent, there is a perfect balance between being comfortable AND showing the right courtesy and respect.

If you are mindful and drench this thought genuinely, then this hack works like a charm! – No more resumes, no more job search.
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