Culture – An underrated superpower

Most successful non-profit organizations have volunteers working for them. How do they manage to remain successful? The secret is that volunteers pursue their passion and monetary compensation is insignificant. Combine this with people of like-minded personalities and you have the right chemistry for work efficiency. Passion & team chemistry are qualitative metrics, but have the […]

3 Signs of inefficient recruitment

Over expectations and judgments are the root cause of inefficient recruitment. The following 3 points are indicators of bad recruitment practices: 1. Expecting too many competencies from one candidate – Job descriptions have evolved into scripts. In reality, there will be NO candidate who matches every requirement. However, this “no-compromise” attitude, puts organizations in denial […]

Skills-on-demand is the future of Jobs

Given the pandemic situation this year, the job losses have been steep across the world. In India, the situation is dire. We do not have an official statistics of the number of people who lost jobs. Of the 130 crore population, about 85 crore people are in the work force, and the shocking statistics is […]

Top 3 traits of successful sales people

Sales Professional

Ever wonder why few sales people are super successful? They are highly confident and seem to have a knack for closing sales effortlessly. These are their top 3 secrets: 1. Listening – The first few discussions are never about sales or boring one-sided presentations. Great sales people get into shoes of prospective clients by understanding […]

3 Best practices of Talent Management

Every company dreams of bringing attrition levels close to zero. Reality is otherwise. It’s worse especially when talented people leave. However, there are organizations where attrition levels are consistently below 5% year-on-year, and it has nothing to do with a company’s brand perception. These are the best practices such companies consciously execute: 1. Upward feedback […]

Why applying for jobs makes no logical sense

Did you get a response from every job profile you applied to? Companies with deep pockets advertise the same job across all medium, including their own website, causing redundancies. This process is automated and your application gets lost in some inbox, where there are 5000+ unread messages. On the contrary, most companies are small to […]

2 Genuine steps to get promoted

Of course you give your best performance at work. However, when it comes to promotion, it is important that your efforts are recognized, especially by your reporting manager / boss. Set up a 1-on-1 discussion with your boss, suggesting you want to understand the guidelines for getting promoted. It is important that you convey this […]

How to manage conflict with colleagues

There are no innovations without conflicts. Disagreements are an important metric for progress. It is unfortunate when constructive conflicts are taken personal by some people. This is an emotional reaction that is subconsciously hardwired in most people. But there is a simple solution to avoid such predicaments. Whether you are a team member or a […]

“Fresher / Experienced” divide makes no logical sense

Ruling out fresher candidates, on the basis of inexperience, is a mistake. With faster & cheaper internet access, massive open online courses (MOOC) subscriptions, and freelance opportunities with global prospects, some college students have developed extraordinary skills and work experience through part-time engagements. Such profiles get ignored mistakenly by most recruiters. The problem is, bench-marking […]

Why Recruiters are Powerful

Recruiters, whether aware or not, wield the power to make or break a company. Recruiters are not subject experts in all the profiles they recruit for. So what is the secret of best recruiters in spotting talent? There are 2 things: 1. They are genuinely interested in understanding a candidate’s aspirations. They prioritize a candidate’s […]