Sales Professional

Top 3 traits of successful sales people

Ever wonder why few sales people are super successful? They are highly confident and seem to have a knack for closing sales effortlessly. These are their top 3 secrets:

1. Listening – The first few discussions are never about sales or boring one-sided presentations. Great sales people get into shoes of prospective clients by understanding their ground challenges. This garners respect from clients.

2. Honesty – They sell exactly what the client needs. They go the extra mile in CARING on behalf of clients so that no unwanted propositions are purchased. This garners trust from clients.

3. Commanding close – when the first 2 steps are done right, confident sales people close sales firmly in a manner that clients immediately approve. This is because clients have subconsciously built trust and respect.

Ironically, the most successful sales people don’t bother with targets. They are masters of relationship building. Their metric of success is “happy” clients. They continue to be in touch with everyone, including prospects who didn’t buy from them. But when a need arises in the future, those clients come back to these sales folks. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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