2 Genuine steps to get promoted

Of course you give your best performance at work. However, when it comes to promotion, it is important that your efforts are recognized, especially by your reporting manager / boss.

Set up a 1-on-1 discussion with your boss, suggesting you want to understand the guidelines for getting promoted. It is important that you convey this honestly beforehand. Allow at least 1 year to get promoted. Ask these 3 questions, or edit these in the right context applicable:

1. I understand every team is unique. Please elaborate your long-term vision of what our team should be achieving, and what challenges you foresee? – (You will get a full perspective on how your team’s performance is significant to the company)

2. Please list down, by priority, on what duties I should be fulfilling, every quarter? What are the minimum benchmarks, and what metrics will account as “exceeding expectations?”

Remember to be genuine with these questions. Your manager can sense your integrity by the manner in which you ask them. Once a quarter, update your manager on your performance. If you meet or exceed your manager’s tasks, then your promotion is bound to happen by default.

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