Why Recruiters are Powerful

Recruiters, whether aware or not, wield the power to make or break a company.

Recruiters are not subject experts in all the profiles they recruit for. So what is the secret of best recruiters in spotting talent? There are 2 things:

1. They are genuinely interested in understanding a candidate’s aspirations. They prioritize a candidate’s passion & personality in equal weight to credentials. During discussions, they are subconsciously noting candidate’s specific strengths in a manner that fits their organizations culture.

2. They have good rapport with internal hiring managers (HM). They understand the uniqueness of each HM, their leadership styles, and what personalities work well under their leadership.

Overall, the recruiters are exceptional people liaisons, knowing well that only right team-chemistries can empower maximum productivity and efficiency. In an organization of 100 people, there are usually 2-3 recruiters. By wielding this secret, these 2 or 3 recruiters can determine the fate of their organizations success, by bringing in the right talent (qualification, passion and personality). Now this, is real power.

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