“Fresher / Experienced” divide makes no logical sense

Ruling out fresher candidates, on the basis of inexperience, is a mistake.

With faster & cheaper internet access, massive open online courses (MOOC) subscriptions, and freelance opportunities with global prospects, some college students have developed extraordinary skills and work experience through part-time engagements. Such profiles get ignored mistakenly by most recruiters.

The problem is, bench-marking experience from college graduation year. Worse, multinational companies use automated software that calculate “experience” in the same manner, and sideline fresher profiles.

Company guidelines on having specific years of experience, and salaries being bench-marked on the same, are detrimental to qualitative talent sourcing. Instead, organizations can resort to giving case studies that mimic actual challenges and project execution in the company, and assess how candidates respond analytically and technically, as applicable. Whether fresher or experienced, competence matters.

Bottom-line: A fresher does not imply incompetence, and experienced does not imply competence.

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