Why applying for jobs makes no logical sense

Did you get a response from every job profile you applied to?

Companies with deep pockets advertise the same job across all medium, including their own website, causing redundancies. This process is automated and your application gets lost in some inbox, where there are 5000+ unread messages. On the contrary, most companies are small to medium scale that don’t advertise jobs. They rely on references mostly.

Fact is, recruiters trust their instincts by proactively searching for candidates. You get a call for job opportunity because recruiters proactively reached out. Even in rare cases, when you received a call based on your job application, it was because recruiters found your profile worthy and NOT in courtesy of your application.

Job seekers are like treasure, and recruiters are hunters. It makes logical sense only when hunters go after treasure, and NOT the other way around. When you apply for jobs, don’t have expectations because that is the root cause of agony and stress. Instead, disclose your skills, expertise, personality and attitude in a manner you get pursued. Whether you understand this or not, this is the REALITY of hiring process.

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