Personality test are NOT effective for hiring

For culture-centric organizations, it is imperative that a prospective candidate’s personality is in sync with existing team and job role. Human personality is not a quantifiable metric. Given its flexibility based on circumstance, candidates can rig personality tests based on “ideal” traits that suit designation because: 1. They have already read the job description2. The […]

6 Credentials that ALL recruiters subconsciously look for…

A recruiters spends no more than 30 seconds in reviewing your profile. These are the 6 things they look for subconsciously: 1. Industry2. Sub-Industry3. Subject Expertise4. Skills5. Tools/Software proficiency6. Language It is imperative that job seekers clearly specify these 6 items in order for their profiles to get shortlisted. Problem is, many job seekers do […]

Don’t panic – AI is NOT taking your job!

This question – Will AI take our jobs? – stems up for 2 reasons: 1. Too many PR influenced articles by tech companies that control the narrative of how common people view AI. Google for example has over 1000 press mentions on a monthly basis – ( 2. People believe the mass media narrative blindly […]

Why 80% of people are unhappy with their jobs

Rightly matching qualifications and experience do not define happiness at workplace. A sync of people’s innate personalities is imperative. This “sync” is otherwise known as work-chemistry. This is the underlying reason that explains why we are friends with certain people and not others. Work-chemistry among office staff is the underlying component that determines happiness. Where […]

Skills-on-demand is the future of career

With rising automation in manufacturing space, career growth lies in services sector only. Jobs instability was a major repercussion of this pandemic, with many businesses insecure of hiring full-time staff. A career revolution is imminent. We are transitioning from full-time engagements with one company (or client) to skills-on-demand in multiple engagements. This skill-on-demand model is […]

Steps to handle conflict related questions in interviews

Conflict management is an integral requirement for managerial positions. Interviews for this designation are bound to have at least one question on you have handled conflicts in the past. Follow these 3 steps to tackle this question: 1. Highlight the conflict like a story: Give title to a specific problem / conflict from your own […]

Recruiters, stop asking for years of experience

More years of experience is NOT a reflection of quality talent. Example: An agile project manager (PM) who has delivered 700 projects in 3 years would have better expertise than another PM who handled 400 projects in 10 years. Unfortunately, recruiters analyze quality talent based on higher years of experience. In the application process, they […]

The Truth about employee background verification

Who demands it and does it really happen in large volumes? The need for employee background check (BGC) has been widely publicized in the last couple of decades. This has been an important topic of discussion for major HR (Human resources) administrators across enterprises to small companies. BGC is one area where it is impossible […]

How office politics harms careers

The dirty truth about office politics is this – It will drag you in even without your consent. Some voluntarily get involved into it while others strive to stay away from it. The latter case is minority in most organizations. Unfortunately, office politics can devastatingly impact your career. Depending on the level of cultural toxicity […]

3 Steps to request timeline extensions on critical projects

Remember one golden rule of timeline extensions: Never request for it in the last minute. Even if your request is genuine, your manager or client will assume you have been slacking. Follow these 3 steps to confidently request timeline extensions: 1. Request for extension at least 2 weeks prior to deadline: This is the most […]