How office politics harms careers

The dirty truth about office politics is this – It will drag you in even without your consent.

Some voluntarily get involved into it while others strive to stay away from it. The latter case is minority in most organizations. Unfortunately, office politics can devastatingly impact your career.

Depending on the level of cultural toxicity in some organizations, your reputation may be perceived in stark contrast to who you really are. There is a purpose to such devious practices. People with vested interests try to selfishly safe-guard their progress by defaming anyone whom they consider as threats. This is the very definition of office politics. Such schemers are always taking sides and exploit even innocent people by making up narratives.

Talented workers genuinely avoid office politics, however, no amount of seclusion guarantees job security. The only conscious thing to do is to become aware of toxic culture and lookout for opportunities worthy of your caliber. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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