Key job sectors in Chemicals Industry

The Chemicals Industry spans a broad spectrum. This is one sector that influences supply chains of all other prominent industries barring Education, accounting and advertising. Below is the list of prominent sectors in Chemical Industry jobs: · Basic Chemicals · Ceramic Products · Chemical Refinery · Consumer Products · Fertilizers · Fine Chemicals · Flavors […]

Key job sectors in BFSI Industry

The emergence of digital money and cryptocurrencies is going to revolutionize the BFSI sector. In case you are not aware of these developments, do check out this insightful article: This implies that new job designations will be created given applications of FinTech and Blockchain technologies. Below is the list of prominent sectors in BFSI industry […]

Key job sectors in Arts, Literature & Media

This is the age of greatest demand for creative people. One of the sectors where demand exceeds supply is the Arts, Literature & Media (ALM) Industry. Some prominent sectors in ALM job growth include: Advertising Media Applied Arts Applied Communication Cinema Concerts Digital Media Fashion Shows Journalism Live Entertainment Music Photography Publishing Radio Communication Social […]

Key job sectors in Architecture & Construction

Rapid urbanization and city-limit expansions have been prominent in all Indian metro cities over the past couple of decades. Although Construction & Architecture Industry is at a relatively slower place in the current scenario compared to other industries, it is still among the top 5 job creation sectors in most metropolitan and Tier 2 cities. […]

Key job sectors in Food & Beverage Industry

Almost half of Indian workforce is engaged in agricultural activities – from framing to allied services. The availability of affordable labor force in high volumes, has contributed to year-on-year growth of food production in the last decade in India. Combine this with the central government’s initiative towards enhancing food processing and supply chain efficiency, this […]

Key job sectors in Advertising industry

In the age of social media and digital marketing, attention-wars are aplenty. New sectors have emerged within the advertising space, where creativity and experimental traits are highly sought. Advertising industry is marked by continuous improvisation because no single campaign sustains with long-term success. There is an urge to continuously innovate and adapt to people’s attention. […]

Key job sectors in Accounting Industry

People in number crunching profession are witnessing more diversification in the accounting field. Below is the list of prominent sectors in accounting job growth: · Auditing · Customer Service · Financial Accounting · Fund Accounting · Management Accounting · Recruitment · Human Resources Administration · Talent Management · Tax Accounting · Business Valuation Services · […]

Global career-centric industries list

Global classification of prominent industries is subjective. The following list is based on career opportunities, since each classification below has a broad band of width & depth in terms of requirements that spans manufacturing, services, and trade: · Accounting · Advertising · Aerospace & Aviation · Agriculture & Food · Architecture & Construction · Arts, […]