Key job sectors in Chemicals Industry

The Chemicals Industry spans a broad spectrum.

This is one sector that influences supply chains of all other prominent industries barring Education, accounting and advertising. Below is the list of prominent sectors in Chemical Industry jobs:

· Basic Chemicals
· Ceramic Products
· Chemical Refinery
· Consumer Products
· Fertilizers
· Fine Chemicals
· Flavors & Fragrance
· Inorganic Chemicals
· Organic Chemicals
· Paper and Pulp
· Petrochemicals
· Polymers and Plastics
· Retail
· Rubber
· Specialty Chemicals
· Textiles

Although there isn’t a notable job “growth” pattern anually, this sector is known to hire in high volumes. In other words, even if the job growth is not in double digits as compared to other industries, its enormous market size ensures that it absorbs a large volume of workforce annually. Basic chemicals, petrochemicals, fertilizers, paper, textiles and polymers are sectors that hire consistently round the year. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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