Key job sectors in BFSI Industry

The emergence of digital money and cryptocurrencies is going to revolutionize the BFSI sector.

In case you are not aware of these developments, do check out this insightful article:

This implies that new job designations will be created given applications of FinTech and Blockchain technologies. Below is the list of prominent sectors in BFSI industry job growth:

· Alternative Finance / Cryptocurrency
· Brokerage
· Commercial Banking
· FinTech
· Hedge Funds
· Insurance
· Investment Banking
· Mutual Funds
· Online Banking
· Pension Funds
· Stock Brokerage

Following FinTech and Alternative Finance sectors, Insurance, Mutual Funds and Stock Brokerage demand the highest workforce owing to its marketing and sales-centric requirements. Another notable sector of job growth is the non-banking financial corporation (NBFC) sector. There has been a surge in this sector over the past few years with 20-25% annual growth. These double-digit growth is expected to continue until 2025. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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