Key job sectors in Food & Beverage Industry

Almost half of Indian workforce is engaged in agricultural activities – from framing to allied services.

The availability of affordable labor force in high volumes, has contributed to year-on-year growth of food production in the last decade in India. Combine this with the central government’s initiative towards enhancing food processing and supply chain efficiency, this sector has cemented India’s stance as a global food production hub.

Below is the list of prominent sectors in Food & Beverage job growth:

· Agriculture Supply Chain
· Aquatic Species
· Bakery Products and Confectionery
· Brewery & Liquor Production
· Customer Service
· Dairy
· Edible oils
· Fishing
· Food Distribution
· Food Processing
· Food Production
· Food Service
· Forestry
· Fruit based Beverages
· Retail
· Tobacco

Considering the advent of automation, this sector will also attract technical talents over the next decade. There is a possibility that agriculture would emerge as the top industrial sector in the coming years. – No more resumes, no more job search.

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